collaborating online and down the rabbit hole plus cool idea for fixing SCOTUS


I had fun today working online with Dawn Van Ark on the second variation of my cello piece. I love collaborating and don’t often get the chance to do it. She helped me quite a bit and i think we improved the piece.

Here;s a link to a pdf of the entire piece: Var 2 Westminster Abbey with changes

I will be putting up on my “free mostly original music” page.

This morning as sometimes happens I ended up deep in the rabbit hole of the internet.

Down the rabbit hole - GIF on Imgur

I was halfway through Divya Victor’s poem, Locution/Location in the June issue of Poetry magazine and I got swept up both in the poem and in her epigraph written by Hélène Cixous.

Even before finishing Victor’s poem, I had ordered Cixous’s Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing. Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing (9780231076593 ...

Sheila Packa Poetry Blog: Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing\

I read some excerpts on Amazon. I learned that “H” is pronounced “ash” in French. I did not know that. I found that information important when I returned to Victor’s poem and finished reading it.

Cixous is 83 years old. The book is translated from the French which I find fascinating. I thought that 27 bucks was more than I wanted to pay for this book since it’s the kind of book I would want to hold in my hands before paying that amount for it. Instead I found it used on Unfortunately, it’s shipping from the U.K. and won’t be here until August.

But in the meantime I have tons of books that I am reading and want to read.

Divya Victor in Conversation with Tania De… | Poetry Foundation

I’m also interested in Victor. She is an assistant professor of Poetry and Writing at Michigan State.

Here’s another example of her writing which I quite like: M is for Michael Jackson and Malcolm X

Ezra Klein presents "Why We're Polarized" - 1 FEB 2020

I’m almost finished with Why We’re Polarized by Ezra Klein. He mentions the work of
Daniel Epps and Ganesh Sitaraman regarding reformation of the Supreme Court.

They “suggest rebuilding the Supreme Court so it has fifteen justices: each party gets to appoint five, and then the ten partisan judges must unanimously appoint the remaining five. Until all fifteen are agreed upon, the court wouldn’t be able to hear cases.”

Cool, huh?

I notice that Klein only footnotes the article these two did for his organization, Vox. 

A little poking around and I found a more recent Yale Law Journal article by them online.

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