butt once again kicked


I decided yesterday to abandon using my tablet for page turns for the Buxtehude Passacaglia (in D minor) I am playing today. Instead I reverted to shrinking the pages down to a size where I can see the entire piece and there is no need for page turns.

I was working on this piece when the sound system workers were around. After I finished it once, one of them said under his breath, “And the crowd goes wild.” Sarcasm? Maybe not.

I am annoyed that I seem to have less energy as I get older. Yesterday pretty much kicked my butt. I will need to lay low Monday and Tuesday because next week I have myself set up for a bit of a marathon beginning with my usual Wednesday stuff (meetings, choir rehearsal), Thursday rehearsals, Friday: ballet auditions for Hope College, Saturday: ballet auditions for the Joffrey Ballet, Saturday evening: a Bang on a Can concert we have tickets for, Sunday: church and in the afternoon another ballet audition session.


I am a bit tired this morning but braced for the day. My psalm article is in today’s bulletin. My boss tinkered with it and added a the last paragraph. Eileen found numerous typos in it yesterday. I will have to pass these along. I think the church will print this several weeks in order to expose it to the widest number of parishioners.

Here’s a link to the google doc of this little article.


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