I’ve had a busy morning already. I worked on an accompaniment I am playing tomorrow. The piece is a Flute Sonata by Platti which has been arranged for Saxophone and Piano.

When I say arranged, I really mean arranged. The editor, Eugene Rousseau took tremendous liberties with Platti’s original¬†composition.

I was poking around online and found what looks like a copy of a contemporary version of the pieces (link to the PDF). Very interesting to compare this version with the performing version I am working from. I would like to see a better edition of this piece, but don’t think this information would be very helpful at this stage (the day before the performance).

I did use the manuscript to add a couple bass notes where Rousseau completely abandons the bass line in a way that feels inadvertent to me.

I’m trying to take this terrible edition on its own terms so that I could do a good job for the young Saxophonist I am accompanying.

I like this performance which goes a bit slower than Platti recommends (but still seems to be using his edition.

The harpsichord is nice touch. Not sure what kind of music this becomes when rendered in this way. Certainly neo-baroque.

So I spent a good deal of time this morning rehearsing the accompaniment.

Then, I started doing the leg work for my Mom’s continuity of care issues.

My son introduced me to this idea. I understand “continuity of care” to mean connecting multiple health providers with information from each other and providing over view and asking questions.

Mom has not recovered from her recent fall. She is not as sore as she was, but she is complaining of back pain now and taking as many pain meds as she is allowed (1 every six hours). She has been holed up in her room for days. ¬†Yesterday I spoke to her internist’s office and found that they hadn’t contacted the pain doctor. I also talked to her psychologist’s office.

Her psychologist requested a fax of her current med list at Maplewood and recommended a psychiatrist to replace her talk shrink who retired. I called Maplewood this morning and requested they fax the info the psychologist requested. They had the slightly encouraging news that Mom went down for breakfast (first time she has gone to the cafeteria there in days – weeks?) Then booked Mom in for an eval with her new talk shrink.

Busy busy busy.

Busy Butterfly Animated Design

Eileen and I discussed having lunch with Mom today. We would do this by joining her at the cafeteria where she lives. I have not called her because this entails her getting up and walking across the room to the phone (which is inconveniently placed not by where she sits but by her bed across the room).

I am planning to drop by this morning and have Mom sign a release form so that her pain doctor (who is truly a pain) will at least talk to me.

I also have to drop by the college and turn in my time sheet so I will get paid.

Only one class today. Tomorrow I drive to GR to accompany an 11th grade Saxophonist (mentioned above) then dash madly back to accompany Joffrey Ballet Company tryouts at Hope College.

I miss being a bum, but I like all the stuff I’m doing. I just wish had a whole day off now and again.

Silly me.

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  1. How’s the upgrade on your harpsichord going? I think about it every now and then. What you need is another project. You seem so uninvolved.

  2. I am keeping the harpsichord sitting out in the dining room to keep it in my radar. So far I haven’t found the time to do anything on it, however….

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