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I have been very busy the last few days. Eileen has been bedridden and I have had a lot to do. We are planning to get out of town tomorrow evening, but this may not happen if Eileen is not entirely well.


This fund drive is still ongoing. However, it appears now that Steph Ray is not going to need a liver transplant for certain. But, of course, $5,000 (the goal of the fund drive) would be very handy when suffering from a life threatening disease.

As of this morning at 9:10 Am local time, the fund is up to $1,350.  Click here to help

I have a busy afternoon planned. I’m meeting with a bride and her entourage around 1 PM. Then playing a garden wedding with a string quartet at 4 PM.

Yesterday, I prepped for tomorrow morning at church. I usually post hymns, put out stuff for the choir, write information for the day on the wipe board …. stuff like that. Also rehearse my own stuff like organ music.

I have my organ shoes and music at home and am planning to sneak in a bit of rehearsal at Hope Church before the bride shows.

Ind.ie — The Camera Panopticon

My friend, Mark Edgington, emailed me this link. It’s a bit of a rant about privacy from the perspective of the business/enconomic point of view with a slight nod toward saving the world.

I always find it annoying when a site uses a video interface that doesn’t tell you how long the video is up front and doesn’t allow embedding or sharing. But that’s not important.

I posted it on Facebooger. It doesn’t look like anyone reacted to it there. It’s quite hard on Facebook so I imagine it’s not high in people’s feeds there. Heh.

I don’t really trust the presenter more than the people he is criticizing. I like his solutions (HOPE = Hierarchy of Product Ethics= the three Rs of design: human Rights, Respect human effort and respect the human experience) but think they will gain no more traction than other good ideas at a time of corporate domination of life everywhere.

Secrets, the C.I.A. and The New York Times – NYTimes.com

This is the public editor’s column for tomorrow, I think. Insights into how decisions, good and bad, were and are being made. I have never forgiven pundits like Thomas Friedman for cheering on the Iraq war. I still have to hold my nose to read them.

What To Read If You Loved AMERICANAH

Interesting list I picked up somewhere. I recognize one of them but for the most part will put them on my list to check out.

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