brain on vacation


I am experiencing a sort of mental relaxation.

I am forcing myself to do tasks like practice. My predilection is to goof off. I did go practice yesterday. But even as I did so, I preferred to stay at home and do nothing. I guess that’s a good sign.

And I’m not really doing nothing. I continue to read and study my Greek. I played a great deal of Mendelssohn’s piano music yesterday. I continue to find him rewarding and fun to play. I even treadmilled to a recording of his piano music. What’s up with that?

Tried to reinstall the software my church uses that contains all the hymnals of the Episcopal Church (in America), RiteSong or RiteStuff. Of course it didn’t work. Unfortunately it looks like the version my church was using is no longer available for download online. The church secretary told me she hadn’t done the update yet. In the meantime I am without this handy piece of software. It’s only inconvenient, not completely detrimental.

Eileen took me up on my offer to keep her company on the ride to her Weavers Guild meeting in Grand Rapids. I took the car and found a Meijer’s gas station nearby (the Guild meets in a more rural area where there’s much else around). Bought a diet peach tea, an egg salad sandwich, some fruit and a bag of sunflower seeds. I sat and ate and read while Eileen’s meeting went on. It got out after 9 PM.

Came home exhausted and fell into bed. My brain seems to be on vacation.

1. Inventing a Failure –

Krugmann is critical of how far the right is taking the rhetoric of distortion.

2. ‘James Madison,’ by Lynne Cheney –

One of three interesting book reviews in Sunday’s NYT. Yes, she is that Lynn Cheney, the one married to Darth Vader.

3. ‘Decoded,’ by Mai Jia –

A spy novel from China. Cool.

4. ‘The Word Exchange,’ by Alena Graedon –

Futuristic novel where computers infect humans with a virus that makes them forget words and substitute gibberish. Looks like fun.

5. The Education of a Public Man –

Not really thinking of reading this book, but I enjoyed the tile and the article.

6.Exposing the Hypocrisies of the New York Liberal –

I am on the far left in the political spectrum, but I enjoy this kind of critical thinking especially when directed at policies which with I am basically in sympathy. It provokes thought.

7. Embrace of Atheism Put an Indonesian in Prison –


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