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Got up this morning and made Banana Muffins from my new used copy of Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites.  They are in the oven as I write this. I over bought bananas last week. Eileen is needing soft food ever since her orthodontist installed some new braces hardware. Bananas are a good solution, but one can have too much of a good thing.

Charles Ferguson Director Charles Ferguson attends the "Inside Job" Premiere during the 35th Toronto International Film Festival at Ryerson Theatre on September 9, 2010 in Toronto, Canada.

I listened to WBUR’s Monday podcast of “Here and Now” and here Charles Ferguson’s interview from last year about his movie, “Inside Job.”

From the website:

“Taking the stage to accept an Oscar for best feature length documentary last night, “Inside Job” director Charles Ferguson stuck to his film’s topic.

“Forgive me,” he said. “I must start by pointing out that three years after our horrific financial crisis caused by massive fraud, not a single financial executive has gone to jail, and that’s wrong.” The crowd erupted in cheers.

In his documentary, Ferguson blames the crisis on out-of-control Wall Street financiers, lax regulators and business school and economics professors who lauded questionable financial industry practices while taking home millions from Wall Street firms.”

Ferguson’s first career was as a Poly-Sci PHD holder, second as an IT guy, finally he started making films.

His words in the WBUR interview describe a devastating picture of corruption and arrogance in the government, the business community and the academic world. Sooprise,sooprise.

Installed a couple of plug-ins to my Chrome browser yesterday.

The first is called “Read Later Fast.”  As far as I can tell, it saves the page you are looking at for later viewing offline or online. Either way you have to access the article using the interface in the program which allows you to either see it in a frame as it was online or just view the text version (with photos). It is not saved in the cloud but rather the computer you are using which makes it less functional for me.

Click here to go web page about "Read Later Fast."

The other plug-in, “Quick Note,” holds more promise for a useful tool for me since it stores the notes on Diigo which can be accessed from any computer.  You add photos to your note as well as text. Cool.

Click here to go web page where you can get "Quick Note" for Chrome.

Both plug-ins were developed by “Diigo,” the online bookmarking site I use.

I use the “Diigolet” version because Diigo was only Chrome compatible originally with this plug-in. I found this web site/program by getting bumped from service to service after the New York Times idiotically discontinued it’s original online article-archive function.

Click here to go to

So when I list off links at the end of posts, I am often referring the ones I have bookmarked within the last 24 hours, either because I find them significant or plan to read them.

Here are today’s links.

U.S. Prepares Military Options on Libya –

That’s right kiddies, our warships are heading to Libya. Yikes!

A Right Without a Remedy –

Editorial about the rights of Guantanamo prisoners and the US judicial system.

Curbing That Pesky Rude Tone –

Civility is always on my mind, as well as fallacies in logic and propaganda.

Go Easy on Yourself, a New Wave of Research Urges –

This is a NTY blog. It linked me to my next link.


The idea in the first article is that research is supporting the concept of “Self-compassion” as a factor in healthy approaches to living. The second link is more information about the idea itself which apparently originates in Easter philosophies.

RELEVANT Magazine – Shane Claiborne on a New Way to Pray

I sheepishly include this. It’s about people who can more easily live their faith than pray it. Aptly describes my present community.


Couple of final notes.

First, the muffins were pretty bad. Since beginning this post I have had breakfast with my lovely wife who good-naturedly ate one of them. I had two. Moosewood doesn’t seem to be able to adapt their wonderful recipes very successfully to be low-fat. Darn.

Secondly, I am still plugging away at Little, Big by John Crowley.

Good stuff from last night’s reading:

“Trooty is booth, booth trooty,” He said “that is all ye know on earth, and all …”

“I need to go,” she said. “To the john.”

And I often feel like this:

“It was probably he who had it wrong, who saw it from some peculiar useless personal point of view no one else shared, no one.”

Of course, my wife is extremely supportive and excluded from this sentiment.

Learned two new words as well:

cerement – a pall

epopts – initiates

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