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I met Mark and Leigh for lunch today In Grand Rapids  (Hi Rhonda, I know I said I was meeting them in Lansing but Leigh had to take her potter’s wheel to a guy in GR for some adjusting so we met in GR.) Mark chose a restaurant and it ended up being right across from the Subaru dealer.

I had to take my Subaru to the dealer. We have been having problems with our car’s security alarm going off randomly. I pulled the fuse so the horn doesn’t start blaring out at odd times. The lights still flash and the doors all lock when this happens. I made the appointment a few days ago so of course it quit doing it. The dealer doesn’t seem to be able to diagnose a problem unless it actually occurs while they are looking at it. So there are keeping it again for a while and providing a fancy dancy loaner to me in the meantime (2020 Subaru).

I took along a bunch of CDs including works by Vaughan Williams who has been doing for me lately. My choir is singing a Nunc by him soon. And of course new cars tend to have splendid sound systems. Fun.

I had some time to kill while waiting for Mark and Leigh so I went to Schulers bookstore which is not far from the Subaru dealer.

Yesterday, I ordered three books from Readers World.

Image result for the english bible king james version norton edition

I interlibrary loaned the Norton Critical Edition of the English Bible and decided I needed to own a copy. It comes in two volumes one for the Old Testament and one for the New. I checked out the cost and it turned out that purchasing paperback editions new wasn’t that much more. I ordered it from Readers World yesterday.

Image result for watchmen book deluxe edition

I also ordered a deluxe edition of Watchmen by Moore and Gibbons. As I reported in the last post, I have finished my second read of it and am planning a third. I thought I would like to have my own copy.

So today as I went into Schuler’s Bookstore I resolved only to look at used books. Unfortunately within minutes I had already found three books to purchase. I panicked and left before I found more. I found a relatively recent collection of Robert Bly’s poetry, Stealing Sugar from the Castle for five bucks in paperback,

Image result for stealing sugar from the castle robert bly

what looked to be a bio of Roddy Doyle’s parents by himself, Rory & Ita, for six bucks,

Image result for rory and ita doyle

and one hardback, A Company of Readers: Uncollected Writings of W. H. Auden, and Lionel Trilling from the Readers’ Subscription and Mid-Century Book Clubs.

Image result for A Company of Readers: Uncollected Writings of W. H. Auden, and Lionel Trilling from the Readers' Subscription and Mid-Century Book Clubs.

$7.50 for this one. Anyway, as I say, I panicked at how easily I found books to buy and left.

After a nice lunch with Mark and Leigh and the trek home I am safely ensconced in my house reading and practicing.

I watched most of this video this morning. Some interesting stuff in it. Apparently there is going to be a new version of the musical 1776 coming out. Lepore was involved with it which is reassuring.

David Bromberg is someone I admire. It was fun to stumble across this recent performance he did. There’s more of these on YouTube.

I watched this recently. Frankfurt is now on my list of writers to read.

I posted links to this writer. I asked Mark about her today since he is planning to take a writing seminar from her. Apparently, she doesn’t buy transhumanism and mounts a critique of it. I found her approach put me off a bit since it began by describing  her fundamentalist upbringing and education, her conversion to atheism, and her new found enthusiasm for transhumanism (which apparently she lost). I guess it’s my own fault for not having patience for her.

I had a similar experience when I tried to read her article in Granta. However, I did notice it was well written. I think most Granta pieces (essays, poems, stories) are usually very well written. Just my opinion.



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