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Once again a Monday morning and I don’t have much time to blog. It looks like this is going to be a week where I do a lot of pretending to be a grown up. I have to untangle some billing and insurance for my Mom’s recent stay at a local full care place. I have been getting mail, calls and bills from them. They don’t seem to have had enough insurance information even though I gave it to them at the time. I’m hoping to clear this up this week.

Also, my younger smarter brother, Mark, called yesterday with a brilliant idea about our insurance crisis. He pointed out that one can reduce last year’s income by investing in an IRA account before April 15. The tricky part will be if this reduces our income at the correct stage on our tax form thereby restoring our eligibility for a substantial subsidy (Thank you, Mark!).

I also need to get moving on my Mom’s taxes which will be more complicated this time since she sold her house last year.

Oy. It’s ironic that all this falls on my plate since I basically am a bum and do not believe in money. As Herbie my hero says, “I know mostly about lollipops.”

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