Blah blah blah church day

Today seems to be “church day” for me. I meet with my priest at 12:30. Then a worship commission meeting at 1:30. Eileen got up telling me she thought that the hymn committee met at 3 PM today. Wow.

I had anxiety dreams about two different choir rehearsals (neither of them specifically the choir I direct) in which I did not have the music chosen yet. Heh. I have yet to choose music for the rest of the season so I guess I’m doing that today. Actually I’ve already started by compiling the list of readings. Eileen pointed out once again how convenient it would be if I had a computer at work with an internet connection. She says this because the readings are conveniently online plus other resource material. I utilize all this when I prepare. But I can’t do it at work. O well.

Also I want to choose prelude and postlude today.

Yep. Looks like a church day fer sure.

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