best laid plans


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Dos Cabezos, 1982.

Image result for dos cabezas michel basquiat

I continue checking out paintings upon which Kevin Young bases his poems. I like them so much, I just put them here for your dining and dancing pleasure.

After the Eucharist on Sunday, several of the choristers remembered that I asked them for help moving the harpsichord in place for the following week. But since I had not heard from my violinist I demurred and we left it where it sits in the back of the choir area to the left of the organ.

Of course, Monday morning around 9 AM my violinist texted me and Dawn the cellist to suggest some rehearsal times this week. I had previously indicated to her that if we couldn’t get together before the Wednesday evening rehearsal we would postpone the trio’s appearance.

So today I am meeting with the trio at 11:30 AM to prepare for the Wednesday rehearsal and Sunday’s performance. This means I need to get my butt over there and tune the harpsichord before we rehearse. I’ll have the choristers help me move the harpsichord at the beginning of rehearsal on Wednesday.

I also edited the cello part restoring Bach’s bass line and emailed her a copy yesterday.

However, I continued rehearsing accompanying this piece on the organ. I may end up using organ instead of harpsichord on it Sunday if I need to reinforce the choir parts. But we will still play our Bach violin sonata movement with the harpsichord.

This is kind of a pain having two plans for a Sunday, but it’s what I need to do. I am wondering about getting some time off soon. Rev Jen and I are supposed to do an eval and discuss adjusting my duties to reflect my waning energy in order to keep me working for her and the church longer.

This morning I am listening to a Bach cantata (BWV 75) after reading about it’s genesis as the first cantata Bach produced in his new gig at Leipzig. It’s interesting because Williams (the author I am reading) suggests that Bach himself possibly wrote some of the texts of his cantatas. BWV 75 is certainly charming. If I ever retire I will not lack the pleasures of music in my life, both playing and listening.

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