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According to the Writers Almanac, it’s Stephen Dunn’s birthday today. He is a poet I admire and read. Garrison Keiller read a quote from him that, though I am but a lowly church musician, I admire.

 “You must be a little driven, and what you’re doing must be crucial to you in order not to be defeated by the likely neglect that awaits you, the lack of rewards, and the fact that, by and large, your culture doesn’t take you seriously.”

Of course, I’m no Stephen Dunn, but I relate to the “driven,” “crucial,” “lack of rewards,” and not being taken “seriously.”

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I was talking to David M. Lines yesterday and we both agreed that people like us (organists/musicians) do what we do mostly for love of it.

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Eileen, Savannah, Catherine,and I picked up Nicholas after school yesterday. Then we took the grandkids for the annual bookstore visit. Earlier I had told Savannah we didn’t have to do this this year. It’s hard for me to fathom why people read. I’m always surprised when I find that they actually do these days. The kids all found books to read. I usually choose one book for them, but this I was at a loss. The Ancient Greeks had a word for this state: “aporeo” which also means “to be in doubt” and “be puzzled.” My Greek text mused that it was odd that English has no word for something so obvious. I agree.

I didn’t buy any books nor did Eileen. Instead, I perused my tablet while the kids chose their books.

After that we came home and Eileen made supper for everyone.

Today the “girls” are going out to swim meets and such. The “boys” will probably hang around the house. Eileen has assigned me to figure out meals for today and tomorrow consulting David discretely. The weekend is really the only time the whole Calif Jenkins fam is free this year so we are planning to spend some time together.

My BP has been down for a while now. I do think it helps me to see the extended fam in the flesh. Hugs help and are difficult to do on line.

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Another good California vacation.

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The Slants on the Power of Repurposing a Slur – The New York Times

Article by one of the members of the band. Interesting background. Not surprising.

They Call Us Right Wing — I Call Us Mainstream | The Rush Limbaugh Show

Only main stream because the majority of citizens are sitting on their ass or rather spending their time trying to keep their lives together.


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