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I seem to be emerging largely unscathed by my ballet camp marathon. Yesterday was one of two days I had four classes scheduled to play for. On this penultimate day of camp I was assigned to two teachers I have never worked with. This is actually part of the charm of this work: getting to work with so many fine people. One of these teachers was a seasoned international type, the other had never worked with live accompaniment before.

I also had two sessions in a row in the un-air-conditioned studio. They have been moving sessions out of this studio due to the incredible heat wave. Yesterday they did not do this. My 1:30 class was very hot.


The next class at 3 PM seemed a bit less excruciating.

I only have two classes left today.


Also this week we have had construction renovation stuff at the house. The workers ran across a duct they needed to move wrapped in asbestos. This halted all work until a specialist company could be contracted to come in and remove the asbestos. This happened this week.

Our new washer and dryer are scheduled to arrive today. The new bathroom seems to be completely dry-walled but I don’t think they will be able to install the washer and dryer just yet. Here’s a pic of where they will ultimately go:


But at least they will be on the premises.

It’s kind of a weird experience for me to actually be looking forward to the arrival of a major appliance. Usually I don’t care too much about that sort of thing. But. Our old washer (not that old as Eileen is quick to point out) doesn’t work very well and needs to be coaxed through any cycle now (it gets stuck or doesn’t rinse the clothes or doesn’t drain properly). So it will be very  nice when the new one gets in place.

1. Billions in Debt, Detroit Tumbles Into Insolvency –

Largest bankruptcy in history. I lived there for a whil.

2.BBC News – Dinosaur teeth reveal feeding habits

I love this shit.

3. Taking Off My Pants –

This is an article by a composer who is dealing with gender prejudices. I noticed one young classical musician had this linked in on facebookistan. I basically see music differently but it is interesting to read.

4. Digital Tools to Curb Snooping –

I keep reading about recommendations to use a password compiling and security software. It seems to me that they would be on the frontline of getting hacked. What do I know?

5.“Do This” a sermon by Jen Adams

I mentioned this sermon in a post recently. Jen put it up and here’s a link. Recommended.

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