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A silly thing happened  in my last class yesterday. Observers are allowed in these ballet classes. Etiquette in ballet class is mandatory. Students are supposed to never yawn in class, dress and act in rigorously prescribed ways and even ask permission to enter class late. Usually observers are other ballet teachers.

Yesterday an observer came into class. Before too long I noticed she was talking (!) on her cell phone. Talking itself is not usually done by observers, much less  on a cell. I looked at her. I looked at the teacher who was continuing to teach the class. I looked at the person who takes roll and monitors each class.

Without too much thinking, I began to play the piano louder and louder until the woman left the room.

Get it?

She couldn’t hear to talk on the phone.

Much like it was difficult for the teacher and the students to concentrate while SHE was on the phone.

Immediately after this, the teacher walked by the piano and thanked me. After class, she told me I had  made her day. It’s the little things in life, eh?

1. The lunatic fringe opposes Common Core | Michigan Radio

This Michigan legislative story has recently bugged me. This morning I got up and decided I should know who my state rep and senator are. I was curious if they were involved in what Lessenberry is calling (and I agree seems to be) the “lunatic fringe.”

It didn’t take too long for me to find that my state senator is Arlan B. Meekhof (30th district of Mich) and my rep is Joseph Haveman (90th district). They are both Republicans but as far as I could tell from a quick look neither has online evidence of mindless attacking the Common Core legislation.

It was pretty to easy to find these guys: Link to Find your Mich Senator page and Find your Michigan State Representative page.

My guess is this info is probably online for most states.

2. Was Blind, but Now She Sees – NYTimes.com

Another feel good story from journalists. Come to think of it, Kristof wrote another happy link I previously pointed out.

“Journalists and humanitarians understandably focus on unmet needs, and that can leave the impression that the story of global health is a depressing one of failure. In fact, it’s an inspiring story of progress.”

3. The Drone That Killed My Grandson  – NYTimes.com

This stuff makes me crazy. States killing people via due process has always struck as wrong. Without due process, insane if not proof of the existence of evil.


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