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First, let me acknowledge a creator who had the wherewithal to contact me about my use of his image. In January of 2011, I posted a blog post  which used this image.

I repeat it here because Alfred Laing, it’s owner, said in his email he had no problem with my use of it. I like his attitude. Then he wrote: “I am flattered by it’s spread across the internet since it won an honourable mention at the 2007 Mandelbrot Fractal contest.”

He goes on, “In order to celebrate my new store, I am offering a 55% discount on Spiral Fantasy. However, the discount is also a site wide. The code is “spiral” (no quotes, all small letters). Enter the code in the shopping cart to apply the discount.

“You can find the Spiral Fantasy here.


“You don’t even have to buy Spiral Fantasy. If you are not interested in a print, maybe you know somebody who does. Please feel free to distribute the discount code.
If you do use the code to actually purchase Spiral Fantasy, drop me a note and your website will go into the hall of fame on my website.”

He signs off: “Art By Ajil

Wow. What a great way to approach that!


I had an incredibly busy day yesterday. I set off to get my organ music  and shoes from church and then practice at one of the churches in town that is allowing me to do so. Then I remembered my intention to purchase a guest book for the new organ. I knew that Martin might be leaving as soon as today. I wanted his signature to be the first one in the guest book. So I drove up to Barnes and Noble and bought a nice one and dropped it off at church.

I didn’t have much time left before lunch to practice so I went home. After lunch I had a long fruitful meeting with my boss. She liked the way I described handing the “man on the stairs” incident. We talked about the upcoming recitals and services as well as other things. I do like working for her.

I put in for reimbursement for purchases. This came to over $500. I let that go too long. I gave Eileen a call and we went and saw Mom. Then she came to church and helped me get ready for the evening rehearsal. While she did that, I timed all of the pieces in Sunday’s program. Rev Jen (my boss) and I talked at length about that program. The times came out to just over thirty minutes. From watching me work on the Christmas eve pregame choral and carols half hour, she suggested I add ten minutes to any total of music time. It’s probably a good rule. I would be very glad if Sunday’s recital came in around 40 minutes but would take anything under an hour.

Last night’s rehearsal went well. My people are tired and stressed (which affects their signing, of course), but I felt like the morale was high. We are all looking forward to Sunday.

Why is English so weirdly different from other languages? | Aeon Essays

I didn’t read this, but I did listen to the embedded recording of it.

Using Music To Boost Hearing In Noisy Environments : Shots – Health News : NPR

Martin is going to show me how to tune a reed this morning. I have little faith in my ability to tune. But, of course, I also have never been trained to do so on any of the instruments I have had to play. As I have said here before, I am interested in trying unequal temperament on my harpsichord if I ever get it up and running again.

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Creep instance of the spreading of falsity.

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I love learning about how people practice.

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tagged “trump russian investigation” to keep track of these actors

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There are many weird aspects to this story.

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