a tv series and some poetry

Yesterday, Eileen and I went to the beach and then picked up take out from Margaritas. Then before PBS newshour we watched episodes of “The Reservation Dogs.”

NativeNerd review: 'Reservation Dogs' - Indian Country Today

So far I am enjoying it. I especially like the humor in it.

Today my daughter, Elizabeth, and grand daughter, Alex, will visit. That should be nice.

I know I said I would share poetry yesterday but I ended up not doing any blogging.

City Terrace Field Manual |

I am continuing to read Foster’s City Terrace: Field Manual. He does not disappoint. His poems are brutal and beautiful and seem to me to be carefully and exquisitely constructed. Unfortunately I can’t find anything of his to share online.

Two from the new Poetry Magazine.

Personal History by Kareem Tayyar

Dream Journal by Kareem Tayyar

Two from March 14th New Yorker

“Cardiac Flicker,” by Emily Leithauser | The New Yorker

“Verses on the Unknown Soldier,”

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