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So the musician I mentioned in yesterday’s post did  respond to my “friend” request on Facebooger. That’s nice. I looked at the list of people who have for one reason or another chosen not to respond to these kinds of request I have made in the past. Most of them were people I did not know, but a few are local. Slightly puzzling but no matter.

I think it’s probably okay to put a picture of her here and say that her name is Ariele Grace Macadangdang.

Yesterday at about 4:30 she phoned me. She was wondering if I was planning to come to the rehearsal for the wedding. I was indeed planning to do so, however I had the time wrong. Yikes. It had started at 4 PM.

I jumped in the car and drove over. Later the minister told me that I had delayed them  much because other people had been late as well.

I worked hard on the Mozart yesterday. When doing weddings it’s important to be flexible. It turns out that the minister wanted to make an announcement after the recessional. This means I have to stop my Mozart piece somewhere around the first repeat.

I decided yesterday that I could then change the registration and make it slightly less exuberant in sound and finish the piece while the people are dismissed. It seems a shame not to play the whole thing.

My student asked to hear this piece in her lesson yesterday. I have been primarily practicing it slowly and carefully but appreciated the chance to air it out with someone listening. There were a couple of rugged moments but all in all it went well.

And it went pretty well at the rehearsal. I was a bit concerned because in the emails the groom referred to the walking in music by the wrong name. He called it “Processional in D” by David Johnson. I replied that I thought he meant “Processional in E flat” since that’s what I had showed him and his group. He never confirmed that.

Johnson has written two pieces by these names. I brought them both last night and played the E flat one. No comment from the groom and bride so I guess that’s the one.

Well gotta get going. Lots of practicing and stuff to do today. So I guess this is my Saturday Snippet blog.

Recipe: Awesome Paleo Zucchini Chips – paleoforeverpaleoforever

This looks like something I  might try.

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