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One aspect of my annual California visits is the ‘jet lag.’ Last night, I was exhausted by 8:30 PM local time. This was probably exacerbated by the trip here which was a bit of a marathon. I did manage some time on the treadmill, so that’s good, I guess.

I’m discovering that there are some frustrating drawbacks to the Chrome Android mobile browser. Every time I go from tab to tab,the new tab reloads. When this is combined with WordPress’s annoying reediting which delete all my hard returns, the result is some of the stuff you have been seeing here: the lack of space between images and text. Or at least that’s how it looks on my screens.

I had the idea of moving between two browsers in the hopes of avoiding this, so I installed a second browser (Firefox Mozilla). Unfortunately this didn’t stop Google from reloading when I went back and forth between browsers. Sigh.

There’s more to getting proficient at my tablet than learning to type on my screen (although I am getting slightly better at that).

Neither David or Cynthia has to work today so we will get to spend more time with the grown ups. Nicholas has his last day of Summer Physical Education today. Yesterday I removed a broken string from his piano which was causing buzzing. He didn’t say much about that but I thought it may the piano less annoying to play.

We’ll that’s all for today’s blog. I think I’m going to skip putting pictures in it even though that is often the fun part for me. More tomorrow. Probably.

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