A little gregory visit


Once again I am blogging from my tablet. We are visiting Mark and Leigh at their new home in Gregory. We brought my grandson, Nicholas, over to meet the fam over here.



The new abode is a nice two story old buidling situated next to a stream with a couple acres of property. As far as I can tell, it’s pretty much a dream home for Leigh. Mark has his office set up beautifully with new blonde bookshelves. Things are looking good for his retirement!

One of the fun parts of visiting a fellow book lover is perusing shelves of books. This morning I picked Scribbledehobble edited by Thomas Connolley to peruse. It’s a transcription of a working notebook of James Joyce.


I read the introduction and was much amused when Connolly admits he is colorblind. This is significant because Joyce used colored crayons in composing Finnegans Wake. The (color)blind scholar… nice image. Well, it’s time to stop since I’m working from my tablet and it’s driving me crazy.

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