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Finished reading Peter Berger’s A Rumor of Angels yesterday. It’s kind a wandering commentary of his take on being Christian.

Began reading Arthur Kirsch’s annotated version of Auden’s The Sea and the Mirror. Auden’s poem is a lengthy poem that uses the characters from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The poem takes place immediately after the end of the play. It is useful to read a commentary on works like this, since I miss so many of the references and implications.


I found a copy of the Oxford Anthology of English Poetry in a thrift shop yesterday. The photo above is my actual copy since I didn’t like any of the pictures of it I could conjure up with Google Image search (which is how I usually find my images).  I read the introduction last night, sipping a martini and listening for trick or treaters. I’m tempted to simply read it straight through the way I have been reading poetry in the last few years  (choosing a poet’s work and reading it from cover to cover).

I also found a copy of Gustave Reese’s classic Music in the Renaissance. Both were ninety cents each at Community Action House’s Thrift shop on River Avenue. It was my first visit there. I also found a little arithmetic book for Eileen.

I picked up some books at the library recently to look over.

One was a huge tome of graphically treated classics. The Graphic Canon Volume Three covers 20th century writers like Kafka and Frank L. Baum. Each artist was asked to treat a work in the way choose.

I flipped through the book, looking at some stories, reading others.

I ran across The Cartoon Introduction to Statistics by Klein and Dabney on the new shelf at the library. I end up thinking a lot about statistics. I do have a working knowledge the of the subject probably gleaned from another cartoon treatment I own.

But I thought I would refresh my thinking with a more current treatment.

I dug up Appiah’s Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers which Ethan Zuckerman footnotes. It was sitting on the shelves at the library. I read in it enough to think about putting it on my list to read right after I finish Zuckerman’s Rewire.

I have a class in an hour. Time to stop.

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