a good day


I’m still recuperating, but feeling much much better. Eileen is still in Whitehall with her family but may return this evening (she’s running out of clean clothes).

I’ve had a very good day so far. I straightened up the house a bit since I had friends coming. Then my brother called and we had a nice chat.

Rhonda Edgington and Jordan VanHemert dropped by for a delightful chat. I am so lucky to have these people in Holland. It is nice to chat with musicians compatible with my own eccentric views and willing to talk.

Great musicians, too!

Object Permanence by Alison C. Rollins | Poetry Magazine

I read my way through my monthly Poetry magazine. This was today’s poem and I think it’s a good one. In such turbulent times it is satisfying to read something that uses its art in a way that looks at our troubles so clear eyed.  Jes sayin’.

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