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Peter Sallis, Voice of ‘Wallace and Gromit’ Cartoons, Dies at 96 – The New York Times

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Syrian Boy Who Became Image of Civil War Reappears – The New York Times

I am fascinated by image and opinion shaping through images.While disagreeing with his politics, I admire the father in this article attempting to protect his son from public exposure.

I still put a picture here so readers will know which kid this article is about.

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Somehow, This Fish Fathered a Near Clone of Itself – The New York Times

Androgenesis. An egg which only uses DNA from the father.  I almost always look over the Tuesday Science section in the NYT. I almost always learn something and find something fascinating.

Asia’s Illegal Wildlife Trade Makes Tigers a Farm-to-Table Meal – The New York Times

This was the lead article in yesterday’s Science section. I think it is an excellent piece of expository prose that ends with the indicting fact that the USA has as many imprisoned tigers and many Asia countries.

Just the Right Time for a ‘Nondenominational Leader’ in Music – The New York Times

Since I sometimes write and comment on religious shit here I should hasten to point out that the use of “nondenominational” has nothing to do with religion. When I clicked on the article that’s what I hoped. I have listened to a little bit of the music that Vijay Iyer is making. I like the whole idea of losing a style, genre, or preconceived notion of music. It opens up a way for some cool music making. Still checking this out.

A Month of Music – Higher Education

This led me to the organization “Diverse Issues in Higher Education” which interests me. This link is a list of recommended books from Diversebooks.net which it describes as having “listings for more than 200 books about music, primarily on African American forms: spirituals, work songs, blues, jazz, gospel, rock ‘n roll and rhythm & blues.” Sounds good to me I followed both organizations on Fecesbook.

 Some Republicans have an attack of good sense.




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