monday report

Eileen went over to spend some time with a friend, Barb Vincenzi, today. It was supposed to be gardening moment to help her with her garden but it was too snowy. Eileen was the only one who could make it anyway. Barb is finishing up at teaching Nursing at Hope. She has all kinds of things wrong with her. Her daughter lives in Boston so aside from her ex Barb relies on friends to help her get through.

I didn’t make bread yet. We have left over baked goods from yesterday. As well as store bought. Maybe tomorrow.

I have been getting some reading in.

I had another momentary scare this morning. Lately I have been waking with a start only to look in the eyes of someone steadily watching me. This is disconcerting and only lasts a second and has happened to me maybe five times in the last six months. This morning’s apparition looked a bit like Jonathan Fegel. I always thoughts hallucinations moved more and lasted longer. Ah! Old Age.

The Danger More Republicans Should Be Talking About – The Atlantic

Ibram X. Kendri’s latest.

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