3 more eileens?


Eileen has been helping with proof reading the church bulletin. Yesterday at my weekly meeting with Jen I said I wish I had three more Eileens to look over the bulletin each week. Jen said she thought that was a sweet idea. And then she paused realizing that she might be condoning a sort of polygamy which I hastened to say was not what I was thinking.

However, later I was pondering that it would be lovely to have three more people who listen to me and help me like Eileen does. You know, friends.

I’m not complaining too strongly here. After all, I had the benefit of having my brother visit this past week and we had  many good chats. And yesterday morning I had a very pleasant time playing piano duets with  my colleague, Rhonda (Thank you again for a lovely time, Rhonda!) I value these relationships as they stand.

I keep sleeping in a bit. I think my body is still trying to adjust to California time. This morning I was showering when Eileen got up. I hadn’t even washed dishes yet. She got up early in order to go exercise this morning. That’s where she’s at right now.

She emailed a complaint letter to Lowes yesterday. They had told us that the final installation of the fence would now be mid September. This is two months after when they originally told us they could do it. The workers showed up to install it Monday but the company had sent the wrong parts. This was causing the delay. The workers went away Monday and left a huge pile of trash in front of our garage.

As I was going over to say hi to Mom, the workers pulled in to the driveway and told me they were going to finish installing the fence. Apparently the company had expedited getting the correct parts. It looks like Eileen’s complaint might possibly have had something to do with that. At any rate, our fence is now complete.



In this last pic, you can see an unfortunate bow caused by the tree roots. I say unfortunate but actually like a bit of irregularity like this.


I mentioned to the workers that the area where they had stacked a bunch of stuff from the old fence needed to be swept because of the possibility of nails left from the debris. They were unimpressed and didn’t do it. I plan to do this before pulling my car in.

Jen and I met with the people from St. Peter’s Montague yesterday. I tried to be helpful, but I’m not sure I was. I think it would be fun to connect to another Episcopalian parish, especially one that does a variety of  music and decent liturgy. St. Peter’s may be like that. But I wasn’t left with the impression they would actually use me a resource person despite telling the priest about St. James Press, IMSLP.org and playing snippets of the Widor Toccata for them. They seemed like good people but the priest is not on Facebooger.  I just sent a friend request to their pianist. We’ll see if i can actually connect with them whatever happens with the organ.

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