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This is a pic that Sarah captured while Alex and Lucy were skyping.


I had fun taking pictures  of instruments yesterday. I am sprinkling the pics throughout this blog.


Alex is understandably becoming homesick. Last night she was unhappy and needed many hugs and much attention from Elizabeth.  Elizabeth said they slept well. But when Jeremy called obviously missing Alex and Elizabeth, Alex began to sob and say (heartbreakingly), “I want to go back home” over and over.



Elizabeth was the picture of patience and began reading a book to Alex.  It’s a lot to ask of a brilliant little three year old not to mention Elizabeth and Jeremy.


As I write this, Eileen, Elizabeth, and Alex are on their way to a visit with Eileen’s Mom. Alex is still fragile. But she did calm down some enough so that when she and Elizabeth found music in one of her books she brought it to me to play at the piano. I am skipping the Whitehall trip in hopes that I can get some work done.


As I mentioned yesterday while they were at the beach watching the eclipse (successfully I might add not the least due to Eileen’s eclipse box she improvised), while they were there I walked to church and took a ton of pictures to email Sarah to do a poster for the September Grace Notes 2017 recital, practice organ and email these pics to her.


I like my pics and I have many more but I am sparing you. Sarah wisely ignored all of them and made this poster. I quite like it.



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