waltzing jupe, take 2 on 2 B or not 2 B, Clarence Thomas and other stuff

I just played through this waltz twice. I like it a bit slower. It sounds more “dreamy” that way to me.

To be or not to be (continued).

Yesterday I wrote about omitting “is” in sentences, but I forgot to add that it struck me that this of Classical Greek. I have had to learn to intuit the verb when missing. How ’bout that?

jupe shares a Clarence Thomas video

I’ve not been very impressed with Supreme Court Justice Thomas. I watched his confirmation hearings and was not convinced that he had not misbehaved with Anita Hill. So it was easy to slip into figuring that he rarely spoke during oral arguments before the supreme court was a result of him not only being inappropriate with women but also lacking some jurisprudence competence. This interview I stumbled on with Bryan Garner shows some different and, to me, convincing arguments. Who’d thunk it?

Shaking confirmation bias or i.d.ing fake news

I’ll just put this here again. I linked into a doc that Professor Professor Melinda Zimdars has made available online about Fake News. According to an interview in today’s episode of On The Media, she has been gaining notice and notoriety

False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and Satirical “News” Sources – Google Docs

I keep this doc open on a tab when I’m surfing.

It’s the last bit on this On the Media show (link).

Much of Zimdars suggestions are things I do regularly like look carefully at URLs, click on “about” tabs, do further research on the actors and organization.

sick cat




Edison was obviously off his game yesterday. Starting night before last he didn’t come and visit us (me) in the middle of the night. When I got up yesterday he was laying down in the master bedroom. He spent most of the day moping around. He didn’t seem to be eating or drinking. His poop was not encouraging looking. So we set off for the vet this morning.

The vet gave him a thorough going over, drew blood and eliminated obvious stuff. He sent us home with antibiotics and shot Edison full of meds and hydration stuff. This seemed to leave him temporarily stunned, but he eventually got up out of the cage and moved to the bedroom.

edison-02He jumped up when i went in to take his picture, but has now returned to rest. They are running more tests on his blood for Leukemia and AIDS. We’re supposed to keep an eye on him and start a round of antibiotics tomorrow.


affordable care act action

My friend Erin Davison put this up on Facelessbooker. I called. It took several calls with much silence on the Ryan’s robot’s part. Persistence pays off. Do this and pass the word via social media and mouth to mouth.

Opportunity for action
Action alert: Paul Ryan is conducting a phone poll on the ACA (Obamacare), hoping to get overwhelming opposition to it.
If you want to express your support for the Affordable Care Act, call (202) 225-3031. Press 2 to choose ACA as the issue you’re calling about. You’ll hear a brief recording about HR-3762, Paul Ryan’s heroic proposal to gut the ACA, and President Obama’s use of his veto power to stop it. Then, you will have a chance to indicate your opinion with the press of a button. Press 1 if you support Obamacare.

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