2 sundays to go

This morning there were about 30 people at Eucharist. Jen asked if we could do my Jazz Mass for my remaining Sundays. Despite the fact that I improvised on it for the prelude, the participation was weak.

The hymns were weak as well. When this is the case my inclination to to play a bit on the strong side so that if someone does sing they will feel supported.

Before we arrived, Eileen predicted a small turnout because of the reinstating of mandatory masking.

Both Eileen and I were too tired to go to a restaurant today after Eucharist. it’s been weird trying to keep pace with changing expectations of my last two weeks.

This morning I suggested to Jen that instead of ending with “This Little Light of Mine” as the closing hymn next week, we end with “Sweet, Sweet Spirit,” another favorite. Originally she was planning to invite choir members to stand by the piano for the last hymn. But we have reserved the last four pews for people who would prefer to social distance. This would be defeated by singing choristers lined up directly behind them. So she was happy to change.

I think she is planning to talk to the choir this Wednesday when they meet for final tryouts for filling my position.

The humidity and the temperatures are high today. So coming home to a cool house with excellent food from our refrigerator seemed to be the way to go.

Saving Pedagogy: Dante as the Poet of Education – Public Discourse

I continue to finish up reading the Divine Comedy. I’m reading three translations simultaneously so it can take some time.  I’m on Canto 29 of Paradisio. There are 33 cantos so I’m getting closer.

This article came up on my Facebook feed this morning. It was piano teacher who shared it. Bookmarked to read later.

How ‘Washington Week’ Host Yamiche Alcindor Gets It Done

I can’t figure out if I’m a fan of Alcindor or if she just stands out as the rare competent person on the PBS New Hour. At any rate, I will probably read her memoir which she is working on.

JAY CASPIAN KANG Want to Solve the Housing Crisis? Take Over Hotels.

I am receiving this NYT dude’s newsletter in my email. Bookmarked to read.

Studio Gang

Studio Gang is the brainchild of the brilliant architect and all round visionary, Jeanne Gang.  I’m especially interested in her Polis Station which I learned about in Eric Klinenberg’s Palaces for the People: How Social Infrastructure can Help Fight Inequality, Polarization, and the Decline of Civic Life. 

Gang’s idea is to design spaces that communities and police can both. Spaces that include basketball courts, libraries, cafes. I think it’s brilliant.
Polis Station Axon Diagram, designed by Studio Gang

Britain’s Idyllic Country Houses Reveal a Darker History | The New Yorker

If I didn’t have a daughter living in the UK I don’t think I would know what National Trusts were. As it is I have been in a few. I haven’t spotted any racism yet, but apparently it is there in some of them.

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