trying for two days off in a row


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It’s midday and I’m very hopeful for a second relaxing day off. Two in a row! I made banana pancakes for our breakfast this morning.¬† I have been making a batch of them and then freezing most of them. It makes an easy breakfast for Eileen to whip up for herself by sticking a couple frozen pancakes in the toaster.

For lunch, I’m planning on roasting up a slab of salmon I bought at the grocery store. It’s easy and another thing that both of us eat. Eileen picked out some frozen uncooked jumbo shrimp on that trip as well. I have been taking out eight of them at a time, thawing and using in stir fry and salad. I avoid pasta by using zoodles (zucchini noodles).

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Nothing wrong with pasta but I keep trying to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and to help Eileen do that as well if she wants to.

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I have been keeping to my resolve to do more classical Greek and composing on my days off. This entails getting up early which seems to take a bit more effort for me lately. It’s so nice to lay in the dark and do online scrabble games with friends and work crossword puzzles.

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I have found that talking too much about compositions I’m working on tends to somehow short circuit the process. I have talked to my shrink about it, pointing out that although it tends to short circuit the process to talk about it, it should do so with him since¬† he is my confidante.

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I’m planning to stay away from church today. But tomorrow is a week from Ash Wednesday and Jen and I haven’t had a Lenten planning meeting yet. I will work on that tomorrow before our meeting and present some ideas for her to think about.

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Time to throw the salmon in the oven.

Life is good.

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