productive day and it’s not over yet


I have had a very productive day so far. Eileen and I had breakfast together and boggled. Then I went to church and worked on planning until the noon Staff luncheon. We have several new staff members and it was fun to see them so relaxed and chatty.

Then Jen and I met. We picked out Lenten service music. Jen okayed three more Sundays off in July and the first Sunday in August of this year as paid leave. I have already contacted my sub, Linda Fulton, and she can do this. This means that I’m up to eight weeks off this Summer. Excellent.

On Wednesday afternoons, I like to spend some time lying down and reading the latest New Yorker. I am planning on adding the leftover sections of the previous Sunday’s New York Times (assuming I continue to receive it).

Jen also okayed May 19 as a recital date for me. I have emailed my friends, Jordan VanHemert, Rhonda Edgington, Amy Hertel, and Dawn Van Ark to ask them to join me on this recital. I’m even considering reviving Dead Man’s Pants with this crew. I think that would be fun. Ronda could play the part that I wrote for Jennifer Wolfe and I could play banjo and sing. We’ll see.

Now to rest up for this evening.

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