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Sitting and waiting for my friend Rhonda to arrive at her church last night I figured out at least one way I could read the New York Times on my phone. I successfully logged in on my phones internet browser app.

The NYT have phone apps. But I have only found Iphone apps so far. None for the operating system of my phone (Windows).

So now I can read the NYT on my phone. But I can’t keep it on during a flight nor usually have free wifi over which to read it, so I guess I will continue my practice of reading a hard copy on an airplane.

Eileen pointed out that I could do this also on my Kindle. But both require an active wifi connection.

It looks like Windows phone apps are gaining a bit of traction in the market. This is good since it means there will continue to be apps available for it which makes it more useful to users.

I am finding it useful.

After Rhonda arrived, we chatted and I listened to several pieces she is planning to play on an upcoming recital (at which Eileen will do some narration of pieces).

When I found myself interested in one of the composers she is performing of whom I had not heard, I used my phone to take a pic.



There was some nice writing in this piece. And it showed off Rhonda’s considerable technique as well.

He has his own website of course. You can click on the pic below to go to it.


I plan to check him out.

Earlier in the day, Jordan VanHemert, an old friend of mine stopped in to say hi. He is pursuing a masters in improvisation at U of M. His description of his experiences are very encouraging to me. If I understand correctly, he is being instructed in general improvisation not just jazz. This includes group improv not based on traditional harmonic jazz structures as well playing with ensembles that do more conventional stuff.

I like to see barriers of style fall away. Mostly because in my experience they are often artificial.

After chatting with Jordan I picked up my Mom and drove her to a doctor’s appointment. The doctor was her psychiatrist. She was anxious about the standard competency questions she knew he would ask and kept asking me the date so she could remember when he asked.

I happened to be in the room when he did this. She got most of the questions (what month is it? what floor of this building are you on? in what city are we currently located?) However she did miss “what day of the week is it?” and was surprised when I told her on the drive home it wasn’t 2012 but was actually 2013.

I assured that she had passed the test, but I’m not sure she believed me.

I am still fatigued today from my Easter marathon.

I have a full schedule today. But this evening Eileen and I have tickets to hear the Emerson String Quartet. That should be relaxing.


Dangerous Minds | The Catherine Wheel: David Byrne’s criminally underrated funk opera masterpiece

I didn’t know Byrne had written a funk opera. It’s on Spotify.


News for the Consumer Class | Working-Class Perspectives

This is a brief analysis and history of how newspapers stopped covering citizen and labor issues and started covering consumer news.


Sundown in America –

This very dire look at the USA by David Stockman (Reagan’s famous budget director) seems to be going viral. I have seen references to it in several places online. He makes sense but it’s frightening.


Maple Syrup Takes Turn Toward Technology –

Some surprising facts about Vermont Maple Syrup.


Egypt Orders Arrest of Satirist for Skits on Islam and Morsi –

Free speech for me but not for thee (the title of a Nat Hentoff tirade of a book).


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  1. Fyi, i had a cd of David Byrne’s catherine wheel – i don’t think i have it now, so it may still be at the house.. Unless it was taken away in the dumpster of course. 🙂 x x

  2. I think it is very cool that you had this CD. Did you ever listen to it? Do you remember it? As to finding it in the house, it’s probably gone. Most of your CDs were in the basement, at least the jewel cases.

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