Self-inflicted damage and online book

I broke a string on my guitar today practicing a strummed version of “Naked boy” I want to record.

The strings need replacing anyway. I laid the guitar down on the table (on the tablecloth). Went and got strings and needle nose pliers and wire cutters. I laid these down on the table and picked up my college satchel to move it out of the way. The strap caught the heavy wooden chair as I lifted the fake leather bag. It flipped the chair directly on to my foot. All I was wearing was socks, no shoes. It hurt so bad I thought maybe I had broken toes.

I limped around cursing and dreading taking off my sock. I got ice and took a look. Not too bad. Was my third toe always pointing that way? Ouch Ouch.

Right now, I am sitting at the computer reading “The Unbinding” by Walter Kirn holding ice to my throbbing toes and drinking La Croix Sparkling Water. The reason I am sitting at the computer with this paperback is that the novel has links in it. Originally published online at Slate (see the above link), Kirn thought it would be clever to make the links part of the story. So if you are reading it in the flesh, the links are bolded but you can still click on them here.

I’m on chapter 7 and have only found one broken link. It’s the one that’s called wise old priest. You can kind of get the idea from the original web site link which was….

He does some funny things with links that are important to the plot.

My foot is not hurting as much. I did get the guitar strings changed….

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