not so much to say today

In the last several days I have spent ballet class sitting, waiting and not playing. The teacher has not called on me to play but for a few of these minutes. Yesterday I broke out my laptop at the outset as I vaguely listened to her begin the same lecture she has been giving to her several classes about bone structure and then balance on a swivel board. I prefer having something to do.

Likewise in staff meeting yesterday I felt like I was marking time. Being with other people is important, but I feel like ideas and insights that can come from discussion are missing most of the time.

My voice feels hollow when I attempt to join in. But what the heck. It’s my job.

I have lived through Wednesday class and rehearsals. I did manage to get a bit of organ rehearsal practice in.

Thursday lies ahead of me. Two classes. One rehearsal. Grocery shopping? Eileen and I are talking about going out for drinks and dinner this evening. This relaxes us. If we do, it will be the first alcohol I have had in a week. My weight and blood pressure are down probably due to restraint. So maybe this evening I will splurge just a little bit. We’ll see.

I have been doing a lot of reading on my Kindle. Also adding books, mostly free ones. I find myself flipping back and forth between the third Games of Thrones novel, The Pale King  by David Foster Wallace, Out of Mao’s Shadow by Phillip Pan and other books.

Eileen told me last night that I seem down lately. Maybe I am. Mostly I just am keeping on with my schedule: reading, practicing, doing my jobs.


Syria Dropped Hallucinogen Weapon on Rebels, Secret Cable Says | Danger Room |

Consulate Said to Support Claim of Syrian Gas Attack –

Following this story. I remember watching troops approaching Baghdad and worrying about chemical weapons. This seems so insidious to me. But it’s still not actually verified at this time.


Revealed: America’s Arms Sales To Bahrain Amid Bloody Crackdown – ProPublica

America the arms dealer of the world.


Justices Say Home That Floats Is Not a Boat –

Just in case you were wondering. houses are not boats.


Ohio – Child-Phobic Teacher Sues School District –

This is another hilarious story. “Kids make me break out in a rash.”


Deafness at Doomsday –

Ideology trumps science.


The Conversation About Guns –

Pointing to gaping holes in pro gun propaganda.


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