Mom Mozart and Contest feedback

Before leaving for ballet classes yesterday I called my Mom to tell her she had an appointment with Miracle Ear (her hearing aid people). She said she wasn’t feeling well and would I call and cancel it.


In between classes I managed to get hold of them after walking around the Hope College student union (they call it the “Kletz”) with my phone and laptop (for consulting my calendar) trying to get enough bars (reception bars) on my stupid stupid cell phone in order to call.

After I came home and was relaxing before working Mom called and wondered where I was. She was ready for her Miracle Ear appointment. Don’t you remember, I asked her, you asked me to cancel it? You said you didn’t feel well. That’s right, she said, I don’t feel well but I don’t remember. Good-bye she said abruptly as she is wont to do these days.

I pored over my recommendations for music for a week from Sunday and emailed them off to the secretary and my boss the priest. Then off to church to pick out the prelude and postlude. We are singing a little Mozart piece that day so I looked over my Mozart organ works.

Many of the organ works by Mozart were written for mechanical organ.

I haven’t done too much Mozart on the organ. Instead I play his piano sonatas. I also love his violin sonatas and have sought in vain for a violinist to play them with me.

Mozart’s dad, Leopold.

Anyway I landed on his Eb fugue, K. 153 for the prelude for a week from Sunday. The notes in my edition say that it  along with another fugue in G minor (K. 154) was gleaned from “contrapuntal fragments and sketches” of Mozart by the composition/counterpoint teacher Simon Sechter. It’s a happy little thing that isn’t quite the Mozart of his operas and symphonies but what the hell.

I received my judges’ comment sheets on my “Little Recessional Dance” which I submitted to the Greater Kansas City American Guild of Organist Chapter Organ Composition.

Here are their sheets with the judges’ names removed.









I don’t think Judge number three thought much of my piece. At any rate it was interesting to see how it was rated. The day I mailed it away I looked at it and realized I would rewrite it and change it if I had time. Such is life.

I was going to link in my online copy of this piece but it’s not coming up.  There are still a few wrinkles Sarah and I (mostly Sarah) are ironing out with this new server. (Update note… Sarah fixed this. Here’s a link to piece.)


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