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I don’t have too much time to blog today. I started the morning by making a score template for “Dead Man’s Pants” and beginning a final score. I am scoring it for vocals, alto sax, tenor sax, oboe, glockenspiel, drum set, xylophone, piano, violin, viola, cello, bass and banjo. I am feeling a bit rushed on this because I want to get parts in people’s hands and then see if I can convince them to rehearse.

I’m also seriously considering taking the first step on working on the harpsichord. This would consist of reading the instructions all the way through and then stripping down the instrument.

Eileen has said she would help this weekend. She is worried about my state of mind. Yesterday I tried not to talk about church stuff over supper. I stupidly ordered the wrong thing at Margaritas trying to be clever and do it in spanish. I carefully read out the wrong title. Typical of my state of mind. I am feeling very disenchanted and distanced from church right now. I like the  work, but the people stress seems to be unusually hard for me.

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