Monday in Helland


I’m easing back into my schedule. This morning I got up and did my usual reading, but desisted when my brother got up. ¬†They followed us back from Grayling yesterday and stayed an evening so they could see Mom before heading off to Plymouth for the rest of their Michigan Adventure.

I was a bit frustrated when I realized that my Sunday off was basically our drive back from vacation. Usually I like to put my Sunday off in the middle of two weeks off. This is more difficult with Eileen’s schedule at work. She does a lot of programs. When she takes off she has to prevail on her co-workers to cover for her. This means more work for them. She hesitates to take loads of time off (unless of course it means seeing her kids or grandkids).

May2009 362

Eileen’s back at work today.


I don’t have anything scheduled today. But tomorrow it’s back to the grind.


reddit: the front page of the internet

My nephew and his partner mentioned this site. I poked around a bit on it while I was on vacation. Not sure if I will do much more with it.


London Olympics closing ceremony: When to watch, what music you may hear –

Daughter Sarah mentioned the music at the Olympics in the comment on the previous post. More info here, but dated of course. These are my bookmarks from the last days in vacation.


I experimented with the New York Times Reader while I was on vacation. I think it would probably be a bit better for me than doing it strictly on their website. The headlines are often obscure and I tend to skip over things I don’t get. This way I can more easily browse and read the first paragraph of an article. The most problematic thing is that it doesn’t book mark easily.


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