Wow Wednesday and coasting through Thursday


By the end of the day yesterday I realized that I was dealing with an inordinate amount of stuff. I am coping and functioning well, but it just seems that I had to dodge over reacting and mishandling stuff like a game of dodgeball.

Here’s the list.

1. My son entered an alcohol rehab center
2. Organists from Kalamazoo wanted to come and see the organ today
3. Meijer called about renewing a prescription
4. I realized that I had mis scheduled Widor for this weekend
5. I texted the trumpet player and asked if he could play this weekend (he can)
6. the trombone player who is playing my new piece asked if I could adapt it for Bass trombone (I did)
7.  my daughter in law from California called and we chatted about stuff she and the fam are going through
8. I chose organ music for the last Sunday before Lent (by Alec Wyton who composed the anthem we are singing that day)
9. I filed all the music from Sunday
10. I made large print hymns of the opening and closing hymn for this week end
11. I stuffed them in the slots along with the psalm for a week from Sunday
12. I walked to Evergreen Commons and treadmilled

Hmm. Only 12 things. Oh yes. I met with my boss in the afternoon and led choir rehearsal in the evening.

The Wyton pieces are amazing music. They are very obscure. I suspect  not many people play his music since the Episcopal church can be the snobbiest church on the block. Thankfully mine’s not.

It’s 8:16 AM and I have already sneaked over to church and put in an hour and a half at the organ on the Wyton pieces.

I’m hoping to coast through the rest of today.

NYTimes: How to Take Care of a Cast-Iron Pan

Apparently I’m doing this right.

NYTimes: For Ursula

A poem for the recently deceased.

This guy makes a ton of sense to me.  We all live with what this guy calls “anti-value” and are in “debt peonage.”

NYTimes: One Day Your Mind May Fade. At Least You’ll Have a Plan.

Dementia is on my mind. Some good ideas here.

NYTimes: Afghan Pedophiles Get Free Pass From U.S. Military, Report Says

Unfortunately this travesty is not surprising. Notice it took place before Trump.

FACT CHECK: Did the Kochs Contribute $500,000 to Paul Ryan After the GOP Tax Plan Was Passed?

“Sort of” is the answer.  In fact many politicians were given what is called her as possible “illegal gratuity.”


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