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I can see that adjusting my schedule and my attitude toward work is going to take some fine tuning. I have tasks at this point that I need to keep remembering. Yesterday I did some emailing about Sunday’s Grace Notes Recital. Emailed my student, Rudy, and offered him a lesson this week. I am planning to go over today and put in for the check for the recitalist Sunday. I’m hoping they can cut it rather quickly so that I can have it hand, the way I prefer.

Eileen and I do a thing we call “Check In.” We make a schedule for upcoming days and review everything in the “In Basket.” We did that yesterday. We have scheduled a Grand Rapids day today. This means a meal and movie. That should be nice.

The guy who was reupholstering a chair for Eileen called yesterday and wanted to come by and drop it off (and get paid). We scheduled that for 10:30.

On Sunday afternoon, I continue to play with my books, putting them in a usable order. I worked on that some more yesterday.

Eileen ambushed me a bit by insisting on running down the $6.02 that Xfinity owes my dead Mom and keeps snailmailing us about. She thought she could handle it without me, but that turned out not to be the case. I am abashed that jumping in and working on this threw me off emotionally and mentally so easily. The rest of the day was rubbish and I decided to end it with a martini and wine.

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I have decided I want to more clearly put together the cast of characters in Alan Moore’s Jerusalem. Weirdly, I couldn’t find one online. So I started working on one this morning. I think it would be fun to more clearly see how the story hangs together. I think I can go a long way with this by making a google doc about it. I have it in a searchable Kindle book. Even though I am reading a hard copy, it is handy to be able to search the Kindle version.

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I decided yesterday I wanted to study both Anglican church music and American Black Music. The former is under control. For the latter I pulled out my copy of Readings in Black American Music by the scholar, Eileen Southern. I discovered that it is a companion book of resources for her larger history, The Music of Black Americans: A History (Third Edition). I ordered a copy of that yesterday.

The flavor of Anglican Church Music when combined with African American influence on American worship sounds like a good combo for study for Jupe.

I see my therapist, Dr. Birky, this Friday and am hoping to continue to work on integrating my life better.

Islamophobia and structuring the post-Cold War new world order – Hatem Bazian – Daily Sabah

I continue to try to expand the way I find stuff online. Lately, I have been doing more Twitter. I also have increased my Google Alerts. This article came up under Salman Rushdie.

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