I like to write blog posts that contain little insights from my daily life. For example, this morning I was struck by the corollary between the way slave holders turned to the concept of white supremacy to stoke support in the general population of the Southern United States and the way the US right wing sometimes stokes its base in the 21st century. The former was necessary because most Southerners did not actually own slaves. So a hideous ideology took root.  Likewise the majority of supporters of much of the right ideology often vote against their own self interest to support the causes of rich Republicans. Very odd.

But today I’m not really having many insights, just exhaustion. Yesterday was a hump day from hell. I am working more hours on Wednesday at the ballet department this term. So I was at the college for four and half hours yesterday morning (one hour off from playing). Then a staff meeting at church. Eileen brought me the salad I had prepared for myself and we sat and had lunch together at church. Then I worked for another hour or so preparing for the evening Ash Wednesday service and post service choir rehearsal. Came home and rested for an hour then back for the soup supper/service/rehearsal.

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Now I have a few days off. I am not scheduled to play any more ballet classes until next Monday (I’m not needed for my usual Friday class). But I have two upcoming performances this weekend that I must continue to prepare for: Saturday evening with the Hope Honors Band and the Sunday afternoon AGO Members’ Recital. I need to spend a little time on the two organs I will be performing on.

In the course of submitting the hymn I will play at the Members’ Recital Sunday I noticed the permission tag in the RiteSong Software which contains many of the Episcopal hymnals  we draw from in our bulletin. Yikes.

We are illegally printing up many of our hymns in our weekly bulletin without obtaining copyright permission. I brought this to my boss’s attention in our meeting yesterday (another thing I did I forgot to mention). She agreed we should rectify this. I’m not sure how that’s going to play out.

I was aware we were printing things without obtaining copyright permission. I just did not realize that the software we use has a way to do this. I am ambivalent about copyrights that discourage the proper use of material (like singing from the Episcopal hymnals in an Episcopal congregation after purchasing hymnals and software). But I do feel a professional (if not ethical) responsibility to attempt to follow the laws.

I find that if I ask myself if I am breaking a copyright law, I usually am since they are weirdly strict (in my reading of them).

Since It Can’t Sue Us All, Getty Images Embraces Embedded Photos

I had to add this link after publishing the blog today. It’s a link to a Business Week article. I know that I’m violating copyrights when I use pics on my blog. My rationalization is that I’m making a little  collage for my fam and a few other readers. Not for profit. If someone complains as they sometimes do, I simply remove the image often wondering what makes their picture so special and why they would not want people to look at it.

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  1. If you subscribe to the online version of Ritesong (riteseries.org), anything the have for download comes with copyright permission granted. We subscribe to that and also to onelicense.net. Between the two of them, we have permission on most things we want to reproduce in our Sunday booklet.

    Have you looked at the new version of the RiteStuff (2.0)? It claims it will split music graphics from page to page. Sounds interesting but I’m not sure it’s worth the upgrade price…

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