What are you doing?



“What are  you doing?” The woman asked me.


Taking pictures,” I say. “Why?” she says.


“Many people ask me that question,” I say and continue taking pictures.


I try to explain how I noticed the piece of plastic, the fact that it was hollow and had little stuff in it, and that it played off the piano surface which often grabs my attention anyway.


“Look how the lights play off  the surface,” she says.


“I know,” I say.


Mr. President, Tear Down This Wall – NYTimes.com

The wall between Mexico and the USA, that is.


Private Manning’s Confidant – NYTimes.com

The author of this article, Bill Keller, was editor of the paper for a while. Interesting to hear him talk about journalistic ethics and responsibility in a democracy.


China Streamlines Its Cabinet – NYTimes.com

The shuffling of the weird and complex ruling system in China fascinates me.


Reported Drone Strike in Pakistan Kills 2 – NYTimes.com

This inhuman, extra-judicial killing continues.


Computer Algorithms Rely Increasingly on Human Helpers – NYTimes.com

The new secret weapon to make algorithms more efficient? People.




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