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It took me a while to figure out I was sick yesterday. On Wednesday night my body ached.  I thought that maybe I had used a bunch of muscles on Wednesday that I hadn’t realized I had. My body aches were very bad Wednesday night. Then Thursday morning I got up and exercised then took a shower. It was then I realized that my body was hurting in a flu/cold way not a sore muscle way. Sheesh.

I think it’s weird it took me so long to figure out I was sick. I am oddly determined these days to do some stuff like practice, compose and reorganize my house in a major way. I think this determination might contribute to me ignoring signals from my own body until it becomes obvious.

Anyway, this meant that I missed my choir’s last rehearsal last night. I am aware my sick body was avoiding an onerous task (dealing once again with my silly choir). I am pretty sure that I will not continue doing church work in quite the same way next fall. I have been talking to my boss about it. We meet on Monday just before she takes off for a vacation. I have been talking to her about trying to open a conversation with the choristers, musicians and interested parishioners this summer somehow. Maybe I’ll schedule a public discussion for interested people with her and I moderating and call it “The Future of the Music Program at Grace.” Or maybe not. Who knows. I am pretty much fed up with church and people who do not want to attend rehearsals with any sort of consistency. It may be as simple as deciding that if choristers miss the rehearsal before a Sunday, they cannot sing that Sunday. And fearlessly canceling a Sunday anthem on thursday evening when it doesn’t sound good. This year there was at least one Sunday when I thought I should have canceled the anthem for the day. Again with the determined silly Steve just pushing ahead despite obstacles.

I talked to my friend Jonathon this week and he is interested in helping me work on recordings this summer. That is good.

Also I was looking on my web site server, Bluhost, and discovered they have free web building interfaces that look pretty good to me. I would like to build a URL that makes my music available in recordings and sheet music. I actually had this before WordPress weirdly locked me out of my previous web site. 

But life is good.

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