wedding shots

These were some of my favorite jack o lanterns from the Bastien/Jenkins wedding

I’m pretty exhausted this morning. I had a full day yesterday and then rehearsal in the evening. ¬†Daughter Sarah is visiting. ¬†I always enjoy having her around. Since I’m so tired, I’m stealing Facebook photos from her for today’s blog instead of writing as much as usual.

Doing the final mix of the pesto in the hotel room.
This is the spot where a hand made sign hung that said "Respite." I felt like I had entered one of Jeremy's books.
Daughter Elizabeth. My kids are so photogenic!
Beautiful wife, Eileen, did have a good time. Honest. Heh.

Elizabeth’s partner in life, my brilliant quasi-son-in-law the lawyer, Jeremy Daum.

Jeremy Bastien, the groom. Sarah loved the men’s outfits.
Best Man on the left, Jeremy Bastien's brother, Jason. Maid of Honor on the right, Ben Jenkins, brother to bride and my beloved nephew.
The bride, my niece Emily.
Largely the Bastien side.
The other side. I love these two shots! Good job, Sarah!
Lovely daughter Sarah, the photographer of the other pictures.

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