video and thoughts on performing Schumann and Mendelssohn

I have my usual 8:30 AM ballet class in less than an hour. I used up some of my time I budgeted for blogging goofing around with the videos I took yesterday of my practicing.

The one above is the least bad of the three.

I find that watching myself play is very helpful. It is like looking at your own pimples in a mirror, however.

It makes me more conscious of playing accurately something I think have improved on in this century. But as you can tell from this video I still have a long way to go.

This piece is a canon which means that one hand plays exactly what the other has just played only a few beats later. This is kind of an exacting piece which brooks few mistakes.

I have been playing it with a metronome. On Wednesday I got it up the marked tempo (which is quarter note equals 88 beats per minute). I think I could perform it that fast. Unfortunately, I don’t hear it that fast. I will perform it at the tempo that seems most convincing to me.

The prelude on the other hand (Andante and Andante con moto from Sonata V Op. 65 by Felix Mendelssohn) is one where I have troubling get the “con moto” out of the “Andante con moto.” I find it difficult to hear it as slow as the tempo which is marked (which is eighth note equals 126 beats per minute). Even though the number is higher, in this case the eighth notes are triplets and it feels pretty slow.

Anyway I have to stop and have some breakfast before walking to the class.

Recently I mentioned my website to someone and she asked me if that was like a blog. I replied that it was and that I had been doing since before the word “blog” was coined.

Also, my bookmark service got hacked. It seems that I can bookmark but I can’t necessarily access the bookmarks so no links today.

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