vacation on the horizon

Today is supposedly the first day of my vacation. I have a ton of stuff to do. Eileen used the weekend to prep because she has to work today. I need to pack and run some errands. I woke up exhausted. I think this means this is a vacation I need.

The first thing we are going to do is attend a funeral in South Bend tomorrow morning. Eileen and I sat down and made motel reservations yesterday. That was a relief. Now I have a good idea where we are going.

We will be watching our pennies but spending enough to relax. The motel we booked for Tues and Wed is quite nice and has all the amenities we were looking for (indoor pool, fitness center, in room wi fi).

Last night we watched Derek Jarman’s movie, Caravaggio. Wow. What a flick. I thought it was excellent. I especially liked the lighting which aped the visual style of the painter and the intentional cool anachronistic stuff like the clothes, and little techie things like calculators and typewriters. Very cool.

Man, I really need a bit of time off.

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