vacation day 2

I rose very early yesterday to clean the kitchen enough so that dishes were at least rinsed if not actually washed. Eileen and I pulled away from the house around 5 AM and easily made our flight in Grand Rapids.

The first leg of the journey took us to the Fort Worth Texas Airport. We grabbed some breakfast and I bought a hat. So now I have a Texan hat. I have recently lost my favorite hat so being on vacation is a good time to keep an eye out for new hats. I’m not too happy with the Texas hat, but it is a genuine Texan cowboy straw hat so what the heck.

Between Texas and California, I ran a race between my netbook battery running out and finishing John Irving’s new novel, In One Person. Made it with a few minutes to spare. I keep changing the settings and turning off programs to prolong the life of the battery.

Interestingly the plane from Texas to California was the first plane I have ever been on with onboard wifi. It wasn’t free of course. I think the cheapest you could go was purchase a $9.95 one time permission. But the connecting page did have some free stuff including a nifty real time map of where the plane currently was. I love those. I would have continue to use it but alas the battery was gone after Irving.

I liked the Irving quite a bit. His skill as a plot maker and story teller has improved since the last book of his I read. That may have been Hotel New Hampshire. I recommended the book to Eileen. It’s a good solid story and captures an awful lot about what is happening in gender politics in the USA right now.

This morning as I lay in bed suffering with the three hour time change I listened to a book talk with Irving recording in February on the Scottish BBC. Kind of cool.

We had a good portion of the day to spend with my daughter-in-law and grand kids. As I have mentioned in this space I have been chatting on line with my 12 year old grandson. It was fun to talk to him in person. I showed him the OED online. He is a reader and seemed quite interested in anything I wanted to talk him about including the OED. My grand daughters seemed pleased to see me. Even the dog seemed more relaxed.

After treadmilling, I joined them in the back yard pool. The weather is pretty much perfect right now. We spent a good deal of time squirting each other with the handy dandy “aqua zookas” they had laying around.

My son had a long day of work and came by for a hug, some food and a chat.

I skipped reading first thing this morning. I thought I would blog first since I’m residing in a bit later time zone. My son told me last night he checks my blog daily. I didn’t have a chance to blog yesterday, so I thought I would try to get one up here before morning is entirely gone in Michigan.

Vacation off to a good start. Today I plan to check in to finding an organ to practice on. On the AGO LinkedIN group which I recently joined someone suggested I  use the Organ Historical Society’s index of pipe organs to do this. As far as I can tell they list one organ in Corona at the Lutheran church.

I am designated driver to my grand kids’ piano lessons today. I’m going to ask their teacher if she has any ideas.

My grand son seemed interested in learning a bit more about what the heck a pipe organ is. Yesterday I pulled up some pictures to explain to him how one uses one’s feet to make music on it.

Well it’s about 6:30 local time and no one is stirring here yet but me. I’m going to sign off and put this up on the web.


How Liberals Win –

Thoughtful analysis of how political change happens.


NYTimes eXaminer | An antidote to the “paper of record”

A web site dedicated to criticizing the NYT.


Hacks/Hackers » Journalism x Technology

Crowd sourcing and changing journalism as we know it.


Article Changes Are Shown in a Tool Created by Outsiders –

I’ve taken several of the links today from this article by the NYT public editor. He describes how online articles change over a period of time. He mentions that he publicly called the NYT to track this and create a better understanding and transparency of this process. They said it was too expensive. Now someone else has done it for them and some other news sources. It looks a bit klunky but very interesting and good to know about if you are tracking down a specific emerging story or its history.

NewsDiffs | Tracking Online News Articles Over Time


I have been reading in James Joyce again. He makes me double check my understanding of concepts and words as well as learn new ones.

Pyrrhic victory – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stephen Daedalus is teaching his students in the first part of Ulysses. He expects them to know quite a bit. I checked out his reference to Pyrrhic wars.

I also ran down the origin of “The Ballad of the Joking Jesus” which Joyce uses in this novel. Apparently it was written by a friend of his.

The Song of the Cheerful (but slightly Sarcastic) Jesus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Sri Lanka Arrests 9 Web Site Journalists –

It’s dangerous to be a journalist in many places in the world.


In Health Ruling, Vindication for Donald Verrilli –

Some behind the scenes about the lawyer who argued for the government in front of the Supremes on what it’s like to get lambasted and then slightly vindicated.


Count Robert de La Rochefoucauld – Telegraph

Thank you to Jeremy Bastian my quasi son in law for linking to this obit on Facebook.


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