using the new organ for the first time in church


It’s ironic that though I am using the Pasi for the first time in Eucharist this morning, I am spending hours preparing piano music, namely the Dvořák piano pieces for the prelude and postlude. I have already gone over them some this morning and plan to do more before I leave for church.

Yesterday was the first time I was able to practice on the Pasi. I went to church to prep for today. This meant moving choir chairs and the piano back into place, putting up the correct hymn numbers on the hymn board, making sure the choir has bulletins on their chairs in church and so on.

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Then as I sometimes do, I methodically worked over the order for the service from beginning to end, either playing through material or simply looking at it and reassuring myself I could easily do it.

The first thing I will use the organ on is today’s choral anthem, “God is my shepherd” by Dvořák. So that was the first time I sat at the organ and worked yesterday. I discovered that there are two ranks ready for tomorrow plus all couplers are working. So after rehearsing playing and conducting the Dvořák, I could not resist rehearsing some upcoming organ music I want to use by Bach and Bender for Pentecost.

I pulled all the couplers on and found that it will take some getting used to a bit heavier touch. The flat pedal board presented very little challenge. It’s possible the touch will change after Pasi adjusts pipes but I’m thinking it’s going to be the most different thing about playing this instrument.

The flute stop which I will use today is beautiful. I rehearsed hymns on the organ just for fun to practice playing on it. I figure I will probably be able to get some more time on it today in the afternoon. But Pasi and I will probably be dodging each other next week, me giving him all the time he needs to do his work but at the same time looking out for times I can practice if he thinks that’s a good idea.

Well I have to get to more piano rehearsal. See you on the fun way.


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