typical thursday exhaustion, both mentally and physically


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Did not embarrass myself

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According to my boss I didn’t embarrass myself Monday evening at Worship Commission. I usually wonder how I handle myself in these situations. It can be tricky. I have worked at trying to become more self aware for years. But it takes constant vigilance especially in an age of so much sensitivity.


I do enjoy working for Jen Adams. Another way I’m lucky.

Thursday exhaustion

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The kitchen was full of dirty dishes this morning. I got up tired which makes sense, Wednesdays is one of my actual work days. There were more dishes because I made myself a delicious egg plant stir fry yesterday in the wok.

It sometimes takes me a bit to remember why I get up and feel like shit. This morning besides the usual exhaustion from the night before, I am still a bit ill and, of course, I’m still old.

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I just played several times through Bach’s D minor prelude from the Well Tempered Clavier volume II. This music soothes me.

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changed Advent I organ music

We are singing a little piece by Hugo Distler on Advent II.

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I was thinking of playing a postlude by Distler on Advent I.


I have changed my mind. Instead I’ll play a couple of chorale prelude variations by Walther on Wachet Auf for Advent I and schedule some of Distler’s partita on Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland. This is the melody of the little Advent choral piece we have been practicing.



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