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Turkey Day 2016 or the best laid plans

Eileen and I were planning to have midday meal with my Mom at her nursing home today and then jump in the car and drive to my brother’s home near Ann Arbor for a Jenkins Thanksgiving there and then spend a few days. Things are not shaping that way.

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Eileen had a burst of energy yesterday and did the grocery shopping, balanced the checkbook and made Anadama bread.  But she was starting to get a sore throat when I left in the afternoon to see my Mom and then prepare for the evening choir rehearsal.

I arrived at the nursing home to find the entire building in lock down.

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Multiple residents were coming down with severe gastric conditions: diarrhea, vomiting. Unfortunately one of these residents was my beloved Mom. I told her we would stop by today and say hi, but obviously we wouldn’t be joining her in a Thanksgiving meal since the lunchrooms were closed and residents were taking meals in their rooms to avoid spreading the sickness.

When I came home, Eileen’s sore throat was worse. She didn’t feel up to choir rehearsal last night. And though she is sleeping now, I doubt that we will be going to my brother’s house for Thanksgiving. Best laid plans.

Supreme Court Interviews – LawProse.org LawProse.org


 Bryan Garner seems to have interviewed all the sitting justices before Scalia’s death and (edit: Souter’s) replacement by Sotomayer. I think these are fascinating and am slowing working my way through them on YouTube.

Telling Mosquitoes Apart With a Cellphone – The New York Times

An app to distinguish the different species by their wing beat hums.

Land Mine Casualties Jump 75% as Funding for Their Removal Declines – The New York Times

Another terrible result of human wars.

Media Blackout As Millions Of Muslims March Against ISIS In Iraq

This really wasn’t covered when i googled it at the time. Good Muslims aren’t on Trumpland’s radar.

Maneuvering a new reality for US journalism – Columbia Journalism Review

An experienced journalist tells us what to expect in our immediate future in the USA and  recommends approaches to covering demagoguery in your country’s government.

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