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Yesterday morning I got up, cleaned the kitchen,  made Artichoke Frittata, and baked bread. By the time I was done, I was already tired. For the rest of the day I tried to relax. I’m a bit disappointed that I haven’t done more entertaining of my grand daughter, Savannah. Yesterday may be the first day that I felt like I was actually on vacation. I’ve had two weekends off just to get to this point.

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With my own burnout and Savannah’s cat allergy I think we’ve been doing the best we can. It is pretty wonderful to have her around. Eileen supervised a weaving project for her. Today, Eileen’s sister, Nancy, dropped by specifically to meet Savannah.  After she left, we all jumped in the car and made an obligatory visit to Evergreen to check in to keep our insurance paying for this. Then we stopped by the church so that Savannah could see the pipe organ.

Eileen and Savannah are now downtown shopping. When they are done we are planning to go to The Biscuit. That way, Savannah can have her breakfast and Eileen and I can have lunch.

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Today I realized that I will be in Europe for about four weeks. That sounds good. I need desperately to get out of town. I keep getting contacted by locals for one thing or the other related to my church gig. This doesn’t help me feel on vacation. I’m probably too sensitive.

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When I complained this morning about using up my energy again before breakfast doing my usual exercises and then  cleaning the kitchen and making coffee, Eileen said that my energy pie seems to be shrinking. That may be. But I think four weeks out of the country should help. I am getting quite a bit of reading in. That’s my plan for the rest of vacation as well: to rest and read.

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