trying to avoid work as usual

Not too much time to blog today.

I have been getting a few emails from Robert the Alexander Technique guy. I find this very satisfying. I joined the google email list and applied to the discussion group. Not sure how active it is. But Robert mentioned they were discussing my web site. I always love to read about me. Heh.

I found a teacher who at one point was commuting to Holland to teach Alexander Technique. He no longer does this on a regular basis but does get in town from time to time. I asked him to put me on his list. This would be about all I could afford anyway.

Last night I watched a video a bud of mine recommended.

Although she doesn’t exactly agree with my wild eyed views about information wanting to be free, she did watch this video and pass it on (her views remain unchanged not surprisingly).

It’s called Rip: A Remix manifesto [link to Hulu since I can’t get the dang thing to embed]. It was released in May of last year and made by self-confessed Canadian, Brett Gaylor.

I thought the footage of Cory Doctorow


Lawrence Lessig looked old (I mean I think they looked YOUNG in it. But maybe that’s my misconception. Heh.) It’s long. But it was fun to see it all from the perspective of this movie maker.

Dang. I just spent the last half hour checking out Brett Gaylor and the people he tweets (many of whom I now follow like Michael Moore, Lawrence Lessig, Snoop Dog and M.C. Hammer. Heh.

I need to move on from blogging.

But first.

Duo Alban Berg seem to be a clarinet piano duo from Italy. I am listening to them play Schumann’s op. 73 right now. They are pretty wonderful. I had a 9th grader show up last night with this score in tow for her solo and ensemble solo. Sweet.

You can download these recordings yourself. Free Music! [link]

Finished reading Jeffrey Brown’s “Funny Misshapen Body” last night. Imagine my surprise as he kept talking about Western Michigan. Then working at a wooden shoe factory. Then Hope College. Then local coffee shop (JPs I think but not sure). Cool. [link to his very cool web site]

I confess to a flurry of cooking in the last two days. Yesterday, I made Eileen and me breakfast (omelets and the last of the cinnamon rolls). Then I went nuts the rest of the day: Cinnamon Bread, Meatloaf, improvised Buckwheat Veggie Loaf, Penne Chicken Gorganzola, Penne non chicken gorganzola, and tabouleh. I am totally therpeuticized now.

Got up this morning and began going through two boxes of my Dad’s papers that my brother brought me at Xmas. Wow. Some fine stuff.

I have to stop and do some dang church work (pick hymns, anthems, whatever). Bah. But toujours gai, archie, toujours gai.

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