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I didn’t blog yesterday. Eileen and I spent the entire day traveling home from England to Holland, Michigan. The most startling thing that happened to us occurred at Heathrow. Eileen noticed that Mark and Leigh would be passing through Heathrow around the same time we were there. We communicated and managed a few minutes together in a coffee shop in the airport. Very cool.

cafe-ner-02 cafe-nero-01 cafe-nero-04


This was fun. Eileen and I rushed off to make a flight. However, the first of a couple glitches slowed us down. We were in line to board, but the airline people announced that boarding would be delayed due to flight maintenance. They kept us standing in line for quite a while before telling us to take our seats to wait. Finally we got on board and began our long day.



It was difficult to leave loved ones behind. We had an excellent visit with Sarah, Matthew, and Lucy.



Lucy is beautiful. Her personality is beginning to show. I snapped a few pics including the one above one day.



Speaking of family stuff, my Mom’s sister, Eloise, died this week while we were in England. Her middle name was Missouri. How cool is that?

| Eloise Reveal

This is a link to her obit.

New computer glitch delays United Airlines flights | Reuters

It looks like we got off pretty easy with our delays. We were delayed at Heathrow, but we arrived in Newark very close to on time. Then our Grand Rapids flight out of Newark was only about an hour or so delayed. We almost missed this flight, since we took them at their word when they said it was going to be an hour and went and had food and drinks. Eileen happened to notice that she had received texts from UA that they were doing a last boarding call. As we hurried to the counter, the woman was announce, “Jenkins, party of two.” We were the last people to board the flight. Ahem.

Bob Dylan and New York: A Complicated, Fertile Romance – The New York Times

This is a fun article about Dylan and his early years in New York.

Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize, Redefining Boundaries of Literature – The New York Times

I have no problem with Dylan winning this. His song lyrics are definitely very high caliber. I do wonder if this is another symptom of blurring of old lines of demarcation as the noise of popular culture becomes the dominant culture (culture in the old sense of the arts).

Martin Luther King Jr. – Acceptance Speech for the Nobel prize

Southern Poverty Law Center put this link up yesterday with the notice that this speech is worth rereading today. I agree. It provides a bit of an antidote to the current debased and horrible public rhetoric of Amurica.

Dangerous idiots: how the liberal media elite failed working-class Americans | Media | The Guardian

I haven’t finished reading this one yet. What is happening in Amurica right now is complex and cannot be reduced to easy analysis.

James F. Colaianni, a Theologian Opposed to Priest Celibacy, Dies at 94 – The New york times

Some interesting obits lately. This guy was a senior editor of Ramparts, a mag I read in my younger days.

Justice Department to Track Use of Force by Police Across U.S. – The New York Times

This is almost as embarrassing as the lack of gun registries in the USA. It’s about time the Justice Department did its job in collecting this information.

Patricia Barry, Actress on TV Since Its Early Days, Dies at 93 – The New York Time

She played the mom of the kid on the Twilight Zone Episode, “The Good Life,” who wished the bizarre jack in the box he had caused to happen away to the cornfield.

 I have admired this man for ages. He was a year younger than my Aunt Ella.




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