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I am very thankful for the Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting organization. At at time when journalism is under such strain and the environment is in such flux, I consistently find them clear and correct. I know they have a bit of a bias on the left, but all I can say is thank God for that. Case in point, Schrecker’s interview in today’s podcast.

I recommend that you listen to this if you haven’t yet. I found it helpful to hear from a historian of the McCarthy era talk about then and now. it turns out that McCarthy himself jumped on the end of a bandwagon that had been going against American Communists.  Schrecker compares it to the past forty years of the right demonizing mainstream liberal notions. While she can see some resistance happening now that did not happen before, the outlook is not good. The McCarthy movement did serious damage to the country, she points out.

NYT Makes the Case for Trump Via Racialized Rural Mythology | FAIR

I like it how Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting reads and critiques reports in NYT and Washington Post.  Here’s more:

WaPo Spreading Own Falsehoods Shows Real Power of Fake News | FAIR

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Eileen tagged me in a link to this recipe on Facebooger.

Vegetarian – smitten kitchen

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